The board

Passionate for space and our faculty

The Artemis I board was founded on the 25th of March 2022 in Delft after some students and staff members felt that it would be a great idea for the space engineering department to make a stronger connection between students and staff. The board’s main task was to set up the study association such that its future within the faculty is ensured. To this day, Artemis has grown toward an independent foundation run by new Space students each year. 


Main goals of the board

Collaboration and negotiation are essential skills in life. Learning while doing is what we practise here.

The organisation is brand new and therefore many things have to be set up to ensure the future of the association. A Dutch saying goes like this: The first blow is half the battle. Therefore, we want to focus on the basics such that next year’s board could focus even more on the space department and its MSc students. The lower-level goals of the organisation are not set in stone yet and a point of discussion. If you would like Artemis fulfill a specific goal, feel free to contact us!

Financial budgeting

Finances need to be secured, budgeted and evaluated such that funding for the coming years is secured. This includes researching opportunities for selling merchandise.


A house style is important for the looks of the organisation internally and externally. Therefore, outfits will need to be designed, banners, and of course the website. The faculty, their staff and students need to know that we exist and what we can do for them or with them.


The first board is mainly busy with setting up the basics such that the association knows what its goals are and how they should be achieved. Additionally, a planning will be produced for next board. This will help the coming boards by giving them a head start while we set up the basics.

Want to join next year's board?

The greatest asset of a study association are its people!

We are always looking for new members to join next year’s board! Keep it in mind if you think of joining. When the applications are open, we will let you know on the front page of our website!