Space Bar

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Artemis Board
Event summary
The Space Bar is the monthly recurring drink for the Space Engineering department and its MSc students. Collect your coins at the entrance and enjoy your free consumptions!

Event is for:

MSc students Spaceflight, staff of the Space Engineering department (includes "exploration" as well).

Event costs:

Free entance and the first three consumptions per Space Bar are free. If you want, extra consumptions can be bought at the bar.


Not required for this event.
Event date and time

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Open and friendly

There is no reason not to join, there are no obligations other than just to enjoy yourself. Everyone is in for a talk, even if you don't know many people already you will enjoy it for sure. Learn to start conversations and enjoy the community.
Available consumables

During this event we make use of the consumables available at the Atmosfeer. Per Space Bar upon entering you will receive coins which are free consumables. The Space Bar occurs every month apart from some instances during the summer break.

The Atmosfeer has 8 beers on tap which can vary throughout the year. However, usually there is Jupiler, La Chouffe, Leffe, Hertog Jan. There are also many types of canned or bottled sodas, such as apple juice, Cola, ice-tea and Sprite. There is something for everybody, whether you would like to consume alcoholic beverages or not. It’s not a shame if you do not drink alcohol. 


The goal of this event is to get to know your peers, students and staff, in a relaxing setting. This event allows you to talk about your thesis, things happening in the faculty, the newest space news, geeky stuff, whatever!

You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you can’t stay the entire time. It’s all about having a good time and bonding over a few consumptions.


See you at the Space Bar!

The Atmosfeer

The Atmosfeer is the bar of the VSV Leonardo Da Vinci. We are thankful that we are able to host our event at their bar. Give the Atmosfeer staff an extra smile next time they tap your beer with love.

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