Welcome students of 2022!

Welcome first year students of 2022!

Dear master students of study year 2022-2023, welcome at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology on behalf of Artemis. Artemis is the brand new study association for space students. We try to make your student life slightly better by providing you with lunch lectures from researchers, getting to know your peers better by organizing events such as the first-year’s barbecue or the monthly recurring drink “Space bar”

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What to expect from Artemis?

Artemis knows that starting at TU Delft could be quite a hassle. In case you are not sure where you should send your questions to, we can provide information on who to contact. Perhaps, sometimes we know the information ourselves and can answer your question directly or point you to the right location on the website/studyguide/et cetera. 

Right now, we’re still working to optimize the website so bare with us.

Nevertheless, we would like to wish you the best of luck during your studies and we would love to see your at one of our events!

Upcoming events

Note that some of our free events require you to sign up. However, in that case you will see an “RSVP” button. 

There is no Event

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