Arthur Bronstring


Hello everyone, my name is Arthur Bronstring and I’ll be the secretary of Artemis for this year. Like the rest of the board I am also studying the MSc Space Engineering in Delft. I completed my BSc Aerospace Engineering here as well.

What I would like to achieve at Artemis is to, in the first place, improve the internal organisation and structure of Artemis. In the second place, I would like to lay the fundament for the long term future of the association by creating a comprehensive vision. With this I hope to make Artemis more efficient and better organised to increase the associations ability to improve the education and the lives of the student. My main tasks for this year are:

Record keeping

As a secretary is is very important to keep an overview of what the board is upt to, but also to keep track of everything that has been said or done.

Creating a long term vision for Artemis

Since our study association is still very young, it is important to create a vision for the future of the association. Not only to help us for this year, but also to help future boards.