Onno Van de Sype


Hi, my name is Onno and I am a Belgian second year MSc student in Space Exploration after finishing my bachelors here in Delft as well. As I had some extra time on my hands, it looked like a great opportunity to join the board of Artemis. As Artemis is a new board, there is still a lot to be set in stone and this is something I look forward to contributing in. Letting everyone become more involved in the master and providing feedback to professors is something I would like to work on. Not only to improve education but also to increase the networking potential in the space community.

Below are some of the personal tasks I will be working on this year:

Long term goals

I like looking on the long term. That’s why this year I will work on the future of Artemis. How will the association look like in 5 years? What will our financial status be in a few years? How can we help ease the workload of professors so they can focus more on the students? How can students be introduced to new companies? How will companies get to know us and what can we mean to them? Those are a few examples of questions I would like to see answered by the end of this year.

Financial stability

As Artemis is a young board, it brings along financial insecurities. As a treasurer it is my job to see what money can be spent on which activities and how we can save money for new and fun events. I like to know where the money is flowing and I think it is important that money is spent in a responsible way.

Networking opportunities

The space community is not huge. By simply going to a few events you will already start to recognize people. It seems like a great idea to stimulate this networking opportunity for all students in our Master track. That is why I will be aiding in organizing lunch lectures, colloquia and network drinks.