Lisanne Vermaas


Hello! My name is Lisanne Vermaas and I am the treasurer of Artemis III. I am currently in the first year of my master after finishing my bachelor in Aerospace Engineering here in Delft. Next to being treasurer in Artemis, I am also managing editor for the Leonardo Times. In my free time, I like going outside, either for a walk or mountain biking.
My main task within the board is related to the financial health of the association. Next to that, I aim to make Artemis into a legal entity. This makes us independent and allows for more intense collaboration with companies in the industry. I am excited for all possibilities that will open up! I hope to learn from this transition and am open to any creative ideas that you may have!

Below are some of the personal tasks I will be working on this year:

Long term goals

I like looking on the long term. That’s why this year I will work on the future of Artemis. How will the association look like in 5 years? What will our financial status be in a few years? How can we help ease the workload of professors so they can focus more on the students? How can students be introduced to new companies? How will companies get to know us and what can we mean to them? Those are a few examples of questions I would like to see answered by the end of this year.

Financial stability

As Artemis is a young board, it brings along financial insecurities. As a treasurer it is my job to see what money can be spent on which activities and how we can save money for new and fun events. I like to know where the money is flowing and I think it is important that money is spent in a responsible way. This is why I am working on transforming Artemis into a foundation!