Commissioner of External Affairs

Siert Hamers


Hi, my name is Siert. After completing the bachelor mechanical engineering at the TU Delft, I started the master Space Engineering. Currently I am in my first year and as part of the board of Artemis I will take on the role of external affairs commissioner. I have joined the board of Artemis to get to know more people within the society of space. Also, it is a good way to get into contact with cool companies. As external affairs commissioner, it will be my job to organize lunch lectures and colloqui. As for this year I will focus on three main goals:

Organize a lunch lecture or colloquium every month

Up until now there have been a few lunch lectures by space related companies. My goal this year is to make this a regular event where every month an interesting company is here to talk on what they are doing. I think it’s important that free lunch is provided during the lectures. That will be my mission.

Look into the possibilities for excursions or a case tour

Next to lunch lectures and people coming to talk, it would be cool to really go to a company and see what they are doing there. A lot of companies are really interested in welcoming enthusiastic space students. If possible, this might turn into a case tour where multiple companies will be visited.

Keep in close contact with companies

Since the goal of Artemis is creating a society within the field of space, it’s important to keep in good contact with these companies. This year it will be one of my goals to keep this contact as close as possible where they know who we are and how to reach out to us for example new vacancies or internship possibilities.